I wish…..!

I wish I could be a BIRD!

I can fly!!

I can move freely without taking any permissions from elders!

No relationships tensions!!

I can feel the air!

No fights, no exmas,

no tension, no burden!!

Would be there!!!

I want to be the most happiest soul on this planet!

I want to chirp in the morning,

I want to wake up before the sun &

Sleep before the moon!!

I know I know…..

Being a bird there is problem too..!

Big animals eat them or they die due to natural or human causes!!


STILL that life is far better than this so called stressful life!

Atleast there were no one to say you anything!!

I love to be a BIRD if i could…….!

I’m tired of everything!!

I just want to live in the world of


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