Hi!! My name is Deck

My job is to protect you

Nobody likes me

Nobody takes care of me

Nobody likes to talk with me

Everyone is ignoring me

Some do reply back with good smile and some don’t

But still,

I’m doing because it’s my job and I’ve to do, to fulfill the needs of my family

I’m less educated person but still everyone wants to hire me

I love my job because I find myself suitable for this

I’m very punctual & do my job with all my hard work

I always hide my emotions

Whenever I wear my uniform I suddenly turn myself into a Respected Officer

I forget about all my sorrows & start doing my job with fresh and bright face

I don’t care whether they are answering me or not , talking with me or not

Yesterday, we had nothing to eat that much but see today I’m doing my job happily with my empty stomach.

No No No I’m not suffering from starvation actually I’m on diet!!

I everyday meet new people in this uniform

Street dogs are my best friends

Sometimes I feel lonely but then I start talking to my besties

I want to tell everyone I’m not ugly , I’m a good person , please talk to me ! I’m not poor I’m a respected officer who do his job with all his strength.

I want to make new friends and want to share my things with them.

My job is to salute & protect you with my smiling face

Yes! I’m a security guard of your society who needs your attention too!!

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